Jesus came to give us life abundant… joy, peace… rest.  I have missed all of this for the better part of 40 years.  I have sat in studies, sermons, retreats, and lectures nodding my head and saying amen… walking out more in bondage than I was when I arrived.

Joy… peace… rest ~ evaded me.

Until very recently when I learned of the message of Grace.  When Jesus finished the work of the Cross… He sat down.  He invites you to do the same.  Come as you are.  Put down your list.  Sit…

The work is done.

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The idea for shesatdown.org is to eventually have a non-profit that blesses mommas with encouragement, scholarships, gift cards, and casseroles!  Follow closely as we continue to create this organization.

Welcome, I wait to meet you each!

Enter His Rest Friend ~

Love, Stacey


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