Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Hot Tea…

When I was young I was in a weird accident at a café where I was badly burned.  A pot of hot water spilled on our table -into my lap.

I was in the burn unit for a quite a while with 2nd and 3rd degree burns and endured horrific rehab.

As an adult, I am not quite sure who was more traumatized by the event, me or my parents.

Recently, while visiting my parents I giggled to myself at my dad.  Although I am now 41-years-old, he continues to warn me of burn dangers.

While making tea I pulled a cup of boiling water out of the microwave.  I saw him  lurch slightly and then gently remind me (for the hundredth time) about an episode of 20/20 where they warned about boiling water in the microwave.

As a mom of four, I am more than willing to humor him and drink cold beverages in his midst.  We fear for the safety our children, no matter their age.  And old fears are quick to remind us of past trauma.

It is our defense mechanism. We fear what has hurt us or disappointed us in the past. It is only recently I find myself much braver.

The gospel of grace is my assurance.

Jesus, full of grace, my Lord and savior, reigns in my heart and life. No matter the predicament, threat, or water temperature, He is for me and He is with me.  In years past I have feared Him. I thought that every sadness, every failed attempt, and even every burn or scar was somehow a lesson I needed to learn. 

I was wrong.

hot-tea-1He is for me. He is not here to punish me for my mistakes or to make me suffer as a learning experience. I don’t need to fear His wrath, it was quenched on the cross.  And I need not do anything to impress Him, in His eyes I am righteous and lovely. 

He is impressed.

He adores me. 

He chose me. 

He was scarred for me. 

He died for me. 

I can have hot tea and talk to Him about everything.  He delights in my company… and this is Good News.

As I fall into this truth I find the comfort of bravery in the comfort of His arms. 

Enter His Rest… Love, Stacey

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine   Isaiah 43:1
Have you heard??? My sister Jami from have a PodCast! Check “What are you so afraid of??”


8 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Hot Tea…

  1. Melanie Jeanne says:

    “In years past I have feared Him. I thought that every sadness, every failed attempt, and even every burn or scar was somehow a lesson I needed to learn. I was wrong.”

    YES!! That right there… it describes me to a T. My whole life. Thank you for this. Only recently have I learned to accept that it isn’t true. Old beliefs are hard to shake. Wonderful blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

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