Freely You Have Received…

Fully receiving God’s love, forgiveness, and grace causes it to spill over from you and onto others. It is almost hard to contain.
I used to struggle with a very judgmental spirit. What freed me was the realization of His abounding grace.
So, when I hear others say that grace is a dangerous message, when they warn me that people will take advantage of it, that we must have some rules and boundaries on grace, I just think…hmmm you must not have seen His grace, because that is not at all the grace I have seen.
God’s grace knows no bounds and there is no fear in it. God does not worry about us getting too much of it. He does not hold back.
And once I received it, I just wanted to share it. Full is full. You can’t add more. When you do, it just overflows.
Enter His Rest, 

One thought on “Freely You Have Received…

  1. donmckelviemaccom says:

    …and it is certain grace should not be anything that advances fear or anger — It is Freeing. If a Christian isn”t
    getting that– maybe they should go back to square one!

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