Raising A Pharisee: A How To Guide

As each of my 4 children were born, my hope of being a good parent was renewed. I would put away the guilt and shame of my past bad parenting choices and instead focus on the new life before me bursting with possibility. I dreamt of singing cute songs about Jesus, serving in the children's … Continue reading Raising A Pharisee: A How To Guide


Stop Saying Stop

Don’t come to me for parenting advice. I might share some stories about lessons learned, I might have some relatable experiences in my parenting journey, but you won’t find me giving you answers or disciplining strategies. You don’t want me to, trust me. Four kids in, through every stage from potty training to puberty, I … Continue reading Stop Saying Stop


If you buy your wife a microwave…

When your microwave dies the day after Thanksgiving you might find yourself making a less than appealing mash-up of leftovers in a cast iron skillet, and your husband might have a brilliant idea to go to the Black Friday sale to buy a new one. While shopping at your local big box store, you might … Continue reading If you buy your wife a microwave…