Raising A Pharisee: A How To Guide

As each of my 4 children were born, my hope of being a good parent was renewed. I would put away the guilt and shame of my past bad parenting choices and instead focus on the new life before me bursting with possibility. I dreamt of singing cute songs about Jesus, serving in the children's … Continue reading Raising A Pharisee: A How To Guide


How to Look Good Naked

I recently found myself with a rare opportunity to shower without an audience, or at least without someone talking to me (or crying) through the locked and barricaded door. I was so excited I was nearly giddy. Such moments are few and far between with four kids, three of which are homeschooled, one of which … Continue reading How to Look Good Naked


Spiritual Growth for the Lactose Intolerant

My 15-year-old Jayden was a preemie at birth, born 2 months early and weighing only 4.5 lbs. But, what he lacked in girth, he made up for in heart. He is full of compassion, empathy, justice, joy, a natural encourager, and fiercely competitive. He literally just came that way, I take no credit. Especially since … Continue reading Spiritual Growth for the Lactose Intolerant